Google Japan learn to work as a team

Published on 16-Jan-2015

In Tokyo, participants from Google Japan participated in team building activity Flat Out F1 facilitated by Catalyst Global partners, Work Happiness Japan. Teams worked to build and race replica F1 racing cars in under 2 hours.

Google participants were divided into 3 teams to compete against each other in creating a replica F1 racing car out of cardboard, brand it and then race against the other teams to the finish line! Teams supplied with Flat Out cardboard kits, tools and instructions worked together to develop a strategy and collaborate to build a life-size racing car. They then decorated their cars with branding in readiness for the great race!

Teams lined up their F1 cars at the starting line and as the flag flew they pushed their cars up and then back down the straight! The race was won in the final moments amid whooping and cheering! Teams congratulated each other, admired each others cars and discussed what strategies had helped to cement the victory for the winning team.

Flat Formula 1 was really positive for employee engagement, learning to work as a team while being fun and motivating.

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