HP sales team get energised and bond

Published on 04-Jul-2017

As part of their HP Sales Kickoff Conference in Beijing, information technology giants HP took part in a unique conference energiser known as Harmonica Harmony. This musical based team building activity provided the high energy experience needed to transform a huge team of 150 delegates by playing the harmonica.

Music has a unique power to transform individuals and teams.

The perception that music is a natural talent is widely held. The focus was to get people to work as a team and learning from each other to make great music. The group started with some simple breathing exercises to ensure they could work the harmonica easily and not get out of breath.

Delegates then progressed onto the basics of the harmonica and through relying on each other for support were able to work they way up to more challenging tasks. By the end of a short burst of practice, the entire delegation culminated into a massive harmonica jamming session, creating vibrant energy, new insights and great teamwork.

Be warned that this activity literally blows away perceived limitations that can be overcome with good teamwork, communication and the belief that anything is impossible.

“I’ve organised many team building activities, “Harmonica Harmony” is truly a unique experience. It is an excellent conference icebreaker and the perfect activity to energise a large group of people. Most of the participants have never played the harmonica, yet they managed to perform as a “harmonica orchestra” at the end of the session. It just shows that with great teamwork, great success can be achieved.”

Organiser For HP, Paul Sim, Design & Marketing Pte Ltd. HP

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