SwipeFace for New Grads

Published on 01-Mar-2022

Background: it’s the season for campus recruitment drives and due to the recent startup boom in Pakistan a lot of young talent now opts for startups as the starting point for their careers and as a result, every big and small company has been trying to do something innovative to attract new grads.

The Challenge: To attract new grads via a 2-day virtual campus drive in a webinar format that would be promoted on social media to create hype and buzz.

The Brief: An innovative virtual engagement solution that would wow and provide mass engagement for new grads.

The Solution:

SwipeFace was chosen as it could offer mass engagement very quickly, was customisable & extremely user-friendly, didn’t require any downloading and was truly unique in the sense that nothing like it had been done before for students on such a scale.

The Outcome:

It was a huge success with great participation rates. Catalyst Pakistan received phenomenal feedback from the HR team, the participants on chat, and even got some very nice shoutouts on LinkedIn f

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