Transformative thinking

Connecting with who you are and how you perform to create change and perform at your best.

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Transformative thinking enables individuals and teams to create change, perform at their best and achieve sustained success. As a team, transformational thinking is founded on shared vision, accountability and authenticity. Most people have ingrained self-limiting belief systems which makes them strive to do more and have more. Transformational thinking in a team is often a reflection of a transformational leader. These are leaders who transcend baseline leadership tasks of a good leader, that is managing, supervising, organising work, and monitoring performance. They create a foundation for success with clearly communicated vision and structured action plan for achieving goals.

Since transformational thinking is all about connecting who someone is with how they perform, transformational leaders must have a personalised management style. They understand the work styles of the individuals in their team and assign tasks, motivate and approach mistakes in a personalised way that suits the individual. They thereby assist team members in discovering the best they can be and guide them to optimise their performance.

Transformational leaders are great role models acting with integrity and passion both in actions and speech. Through confidently communicating passion and positivity they inspire a “we-can-do” attitude. They listen to their team fostering an environment where creative thought and innovation is encouraged. In doing so they encourage agile thinking and remove barriers to change. Team building programs can be used as an important reflective metaphor of the process of achieving great things through transformational thinking.

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