BeatBox Rox

Vocal percussion workshop

10 minutes - 1 hour
10 - Unlimited


Beatboxing is the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using the mouth, lips, tongue, voice, nasal passage and throat. Beatbox Rox kicks off with a talented vocal percussionist performing on stage to impress and captivate participants. Participants are then divided into a number of teams and and become a human drum kit with each audience section layering their own vocal effect into an overall composition. Finally the teams come together for a final performance with the looping a back beat to help gel all the sections together.

Learning Outcomes

BeatBox Rox will entertain, invigorate and involve everyone right from the start! You can be sure that this fun and hilarious energiser will inject energy and vitality into any conference programme, meeting or workshop. It’s the perfect metaphor for a team working together as one. This high energy and exhilarating shared experience creates a positive attitude, unifying the group ensuring everyone is energised and receptive for the presentations ahead.

Its versatile format means that it can be used as a 30-minute icebreaker for a large group or a 45-minute in-depth workshop for a more select meeting.

Related Testimonial

This engaging activity captured the imagination of all our staff members. inhibitions flew away and everyone got creative! Many smiles and happy memories.


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