CSI La Hacienda - Online

A mysterious 3D whodunnit

1 - 1.5 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
4 - Unlimited


CSI La Hacienda is an online enquiry-driven 3D team building activity, where teams sharpen their deductive reasoning skills. Teams attempt to solve the mystery of the death of Enrique Gonzalez at his Hacienda. Using a web-based 3D Virtual Touring Platform teams explore the Hacienda looking for clues. The game app presents teams with riddles and challenges. Teams input their answers into the game app. Their solutions unlock hints that will help them solve the mystery. As they move through each room of the 3D Hacienda, they find items that will also help them in their quest. As their journey unfolds teams use deductive reasoning and team consensus to eliminate suspects. The team who accurately answer the riddles and challenges the fastest will discover the truth and be ultimately crowned the winner.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in the 3D Hacienda employ keen observation to acquire information. Utilising effective online communication, they convey their findings to the team. Critical thinking and reflection will assist teams in analysing and interpreting the facts. To reach a consensus, Working online, teams must use deductive reasoning and debate as they manage individual interpretations and conflicting opinions. Under time pressure, the teams who solve the mystery will employ divergent thinking in collaborative decision-making. This game challenges and develops team trust and unity.

Related Testimonial

Our experience with team activity (La Hacienda) was absolutely awesome! No one could have expected anything like this and after the event I received an unparalleled abundance of thank you’ s for organizing the event

Pia Julin
Boehringer Ingelheim

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