Escape the Blizzard

A Survival Themed Escape Game.

1 - 3 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - Unlimited


Escape the Blizzard begins at a team training centre, where teams are tasked with learning survival skills that may come in handy with today’s destructive weather patterns. Using our app-based technology, teams will learn, practise and compete for face-to-face in several survival skill-themed challenges through trivia, and photo and video submission. Zones include Navigation, Shelter, Knots, Fire, Animal Awareness, Water Filtration, Signalling, First Aid and Food. There are too many zones for one team to complete.

Suddenly, the training is interrupted by an incoming storm alert. In just 30 minutes, the whole region will be hit with a storm expected to last for weeks, maybe months.

To survive, teams must collaborate as one group, and put their new skills to the test to release the real survival tools that have been locked in a box. The final test includes target accuracy, first aid stretcher challenge, deciphering Morse code, shelter building and more. Completing the challenges correctly will allow them to unlock the box to give them the correct tools to survive the blizzard. The team that plays together survives together.

Learning Outcomes

Escape the Blizzard has been specifically designed to compel team members to collaborate face-to-face. With an escape room style finale, we see teams and individuals explore role delegation and encourage group discussions on skill set strengths and weaknesses. Teams must problem solve, perform and succeed in a fun ‘time pressured’ environment.

The training zones are focused on real life basic survival skills, players will complete the game with an increased knowledge of surviving in the wilderness.

The immersive theme and engaging challenges promote discussion giving opportunity for storytelling of past experiences, creating the space for team members to get to know each other on a new and genuine level.

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