Music for Us

Make, play and donate exclusive musical instruments

45 minutes - 1 hour
8 - Unlimited


Music for Us was created to have maximum societal impact using the universal language of music. It comes with BamBooms, single note professional instruments we have created to allow non-musicians from all ages to have fun at every stage of music apprenticing. Participants follow detailed instructions to create an instrument in a limited amount of time.

We then teach the absolute basics of music to participants by stripping music theory to the FUNdamentals, starting with understanding why and how an instrument produces a given note, and how the length of a soundboard impacts pitch and sound. Finally, participants are guided in playing together creating harmonious, uplifting music.

Learning Outcomes

During the build phase, with the objective of creating a maximum of instruments in a given time, participants soon learn the power of knowledge sharing and collaboration. In a relaxed atmosphere, they network and communicate to achieve their shared goal. Through immersion in the musical process new neurological pathways are fired enhancing learning and uplifting mood. This fun and engaging program brings people together through the joy of collective giving.

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

Through a network of charities, Music for Us, can create a ripple effect with children who receive the instruments, learning music the simple and fun way, on an instrument specifically designed for pedagogical use.

Related Testimonial

Wow! Music for Us made us feel so good. We built instruments together! We learned to play music together! We gave together! And we shared an uplifting motivating experience we can reflect on.

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