Teams use creativity and humour to overdub movie clips.

1 - 2 hours
10 - Unlimited


Re-Dub presents an extremely flexible format that allows teams to explore company issues in a fun context. Each team begins with a short movie clip. The clips are intentionally eclectic in their style and genre – however they all feature interaction between colourful characters. Most importantly, the original dialogue has been removed from the footage. Given a specific company related topic, the teams are challenged to script and rehearse logical dialogue that follows the action. The event culminates with a live presentation where each team takes their turn in an ‘on air’ booth. Microphones at the ready and the tension mounts as the countdown clock cues each team in.

Learning Outcomes

Timing and co-ordination are key to perfect synchronisation. Re-Dub is a powerful team building event to explore messaging about communication, values and customer service. Strong leadership is required to complete the challenge to deadline. Role allocation, communication and bold decision making are critical to the success of the event.

Related Testimonial

We used Re-Dub to kick off one of our leader´s seminar. We got little cartoon clips and we created new scenarios based on real management situations. Results were cool and humorous and people were surprised: "Is that really my voice?". The game is pleasantly intense, roles have to be divided very quickly - no time for deliberation!

Estonian Energy
Jannika Lill

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