Seconds Away

Use creative thinking and teamwork in a limited timeframe

45 minutes - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
4 - Unlimited


Seconds Away is a fast-paced team board game to test product knowledge and accelerate sales skills. It should be easy for teams to recall all their company values; but can they do it under the pressure of 15 seconds ticking away? Quick thinking is required as teams progress across the game board answering increasing elaborate time-based question cards cleverly tailored to your business. We consult closely with you in the lead up your meeting or conference to ensure the game collateral and supporting tablet application is fully customized to your scenario. Seconds Away is also an excellent onboarding tool with questions adapted to explore company culture, test business procedure or health and safety protocol.

Seconds Away has an optional ‘Wellness’ component further boosting energy levels with a variety of timed fitness workouts suitable for all levels of ability.

Learning Outcomes

Training should be fun, relevant and engaging for maximum impact! Seconds Away provides a very flexible ‘bolt-on’ learning platform to gamify your conference content. The often hilarious and interactive gameplay helps build a sense of team, focus participants and improve information retention. Seconds Away encourages clear communication and rapid-fire decision making under pressure. The unique board game style collateral provides a novel context to test information retention and enhance the learning experience. The light-hearted nature of the rules promotes a relaxed, inclusive atmosphere where an individual can hone their skills and appreciate the abilities of co-workers.

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