The Infinite Loop - Online

The ultimate remote team building game

1 - 1.5 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
4 - Unlimited


A team of hackers is called to a special secret mission. Their mission is to save a young boy imprisoned by mistake in a spaceship. To rescue the young boy, the team must pass through a series of doors that are locked with puzzles. Each team collaborates in a breakout group over video conferencing. For each enigma, one team member will see the spaceship door, the 3 others will have an enigma card that will help them unlock the door. The team member with visual on the spaceship door must communicate clearly what they see to the other team members.The team members with the enigma cards must actively listen and ask the right questions to enable the team to collaboratively solve each problem.Once one door is unlocked the team move onto the next until finally they are able to save the boy. Competitive fever rises as teams watch the main screen showcasing the evolution of the scores of all the teams in game.

Learning Outcomes

The Infinite Loop online has been specficially designed for developing team dynamics in remote teams. It is based on real-time collaboration, and real-time communication . The more precise the player with the visual information is in describing the problem, the faster the teammates with the written information find the solution. The Infinite Loop has a strong learning curve. As the game progresses teams improve their communication and collaborative problem solving skills.They learn about each individual in the group and how they can work more efficiently as a team. The Infinite Loop is a versatile, and powerful tool for debriefing on complex issues affecting modern businesses working with remote teams, employing agile methodologies.

Related Testimonial

In this pandemic period, we innovated thanks to The Infinite Loop and this fantastic project! The colleagues joined and loved it! very dynamic, interactive, and getting the teamwork among everyone. I definitely recommend it! Thank you for your commitment and dedication!


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