Catalyst Team Building Pakistan

About Catalyst Pakistan

Catalyst Team Building is operated in Pakistan under exclusive licence by Art of Travel and its corporate arm, Catalyst Pakistan.

At Catalyst Pakistan, our vision is to guide people in transforming their lives to enable personal growth through meaningful experiences. As the corporate arm of Art of Travel which has a mission to inspire people to step out of their comfort zones through travel, so too Catalyst Pakistan's mission is to motivate and engage corporate teams with effective team building activities. Teams that are made up of inspired individuals have a positive effect on company culture and bottom line. The off-sites and team building retreats we conduct are focused on creating an atmosphere of ultra-high engagement to help participants come together through the shared experience of challenge, adventure, and fun.

Our corporate solutions include team building retreats, experiential learning programs, CSR activities, skill development programs, corporate events, product launches, meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. Like our travel experiences, we specialise in designing novel, transformational team building activities. This is what led us to take on the exclusive license for Catalyst team building products in Pakistan.

Why Catalyst?

Catalyst Global are widely recognised as the world leaders in innovative team building. Catalyst team building activities are award winning. They have set the industry standard for innovation, excellence in design and delivery, as well as, relevance to the current business environment.

Our Portfolio

We are well known for our impressive portfolio of team building activities and our ability to adapt events to any situation, objective or group anywhere, and carry it out with focused attention on organisational details, on time and within budget.

High Standards of Delivery

We offer a risk-free experience for our clients. Thanks to our attention to detail, high levels of delivery and extensive experience. And, as part of the Catalyst Group, we have access to a portfolio of globally proven team building activities and business training games, which we deliver upholding the Catalyst Global standards of excellence.

Our case studies and testimonials provide real-life evidence of our values and demonstrate the benefits that team building events and experiential learning programs can offer. We offer the same level of service to our long-standing multinational clients and small businesses, as well as, new customers.

Our relationship with you

We love interacting with our audience, inspiring the achievement of delegates and helping to create change in your organisation. We believe that our team building experiences should achieve your objectives on the day, have lasting outcomes and be fun and engaging!

Let us work with you to tailor the right solution for your group. Get in touch.

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