Funk the Junk

Teams play as an orchestra of scrapyard recycled instruments

1 - 1.5 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
25 - 60


Funk The Junk offers a fresh new approach to the music experience with professionally tuned 'scrapyard' instruments, passionately re invented from the urban wasteland. Be amazed as your team’s collective creativity is unleashed to form a band like no other. Participants will step up to the mark to improvise- compose - conduct - explore and experience soundscapes from the twilight zone to foot stomping fun. The group will create beautiful emotive music from magical inventions such as tuned pressure tanks, flipflopaphones and harmonic firebells.

Learning Outcomes

Funk the Junk embodies creative expression with a united focus to draw on inter-team reliance, shared vision and positive attitudes. Re-imagining the future is critical to progressive business strategy, Funk the Junk encourages participants to re-think the boundaries of what’s possible with limited resources. This all-inclusive energizer presents a level playing field to suit and express all personalities. Think outside the box and witness your colleagues gel, laugh and smile to create a sonic sensation that's edgy and fun.

Related Testimonial

Amazing way of using junk materials to make music. A great reminder for us all of inventive recycling. Was hilariously good fun!


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